Original scientific paper

Electrophoretic profiles of storage proteins in selected maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes

2019, 20 (3)   p. 911-918

Andrea Špaleková, Edita Gregova, Zdenka Galova


Maize (Zea mays L.) is important cereal and its diversity research is essential from the point of breeding strategy. The aim of this work was to compare the protein profiles of 30 varieties (from the USA and Europe) and 34 lines (from Slovakia) using two electrophoretic methods (SDS-PAGE and A-PAGE) and to construct dendrograms of their genetic similarity. The highest amount of HMW-GS (high molecular weight glutelin subunits) was detected in the European varieties (7.35%), LMW-GS (low molecular weight glutelin subunits) was determined in the Slovak lines (45.42%) and most residual albumins and globulins were found in the American varieties (50.66%). According to the representation of the evaluable protein bands, 4 dendrograms were constructed. In the dendrograms, which were based on the polymorphism of glutelins, Line 15 was separated from other Slovak lines, while European and American varieties split into 2 main clusters. The highest genetic similarity were between varieties Wonderfull and Queen Anna; and Slovak lines 6 and 9. From the point of zein polymorphism, dendrograms separated the varieties and the lines into 2 main clusters. Fruhester Gelber and Maďarská cukrová were the most similar varieties, also the Slovak lines 21 and 22; 13 and 34. The findings of the study will be helpful for proper breeding strategy and further sustainable agricultural development.


A-PAGE, dendrogram, maize, SDS-PAGE, storage proteins

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