Original scientific paper

Pre-sowing bacteria treatment and chemical fertilization application impact on productivity and yield quality of hulles (Avena nuda) and hulled oats (Avena sativa)

2019, 20 (3)   p. 866-875

Volodymyr Ilchenko, Volodymyr Trotsenko, Ihor Kovalenko, Roman Yaroshchuk


The questions of possibilities to increase oat productivity due to introduction of intensive growing technologies have been considered. It is defined that hulles oat (Avena nuda) cultivars have more expressed level of reaction on pre-sowing treatment with composition of Diazophyt and Microhumin preparations, that allows to get closer to hulled oat (Avena sativa L.) productivity indexes at the less doses of chemical fertilizers. The complex of oat reaction differences on basic growing factors is estimated that specifies on expediency of zonal growing technologies optimization of hulled and hulles oat cultivars. The maximum increase compared to control was noticed in variant with pre-sowing treatment Diazophyt + Microhumin composition in Salomon cultivar: 0.74 t/ha without the use of fertilizers and 0.73-0.75 t/ha in variants with basic application and different ways of fertilizers dressing. The highest yield (for all cultivars) provided variant with pre-sowing treatment Diazophyt + Microhumin composition and application of maximum fertilizer dose: N60P60K60 + Foliar nutrition Nutrivant Plus 2 kg / ha + Urea 46.2% 30 kg / ha in tillering and panicle ejection phases. In the conditions of the North-Eastern Forest-Steppe of Ukraine the parameters of vegetative development and productivity of oats cultivars revealed group dynamics on the change of pre-sowing treatment, doses and ways of fertilizer application. This makes it possible to consider the possibility of increasing crop productivity by improving oats cultivation technology in the context of hulles and hulled oat group of cultivars.


fertilizer doses, hulled oat, hulles oat, oats, oat cultivar, pre-sowing treatment, yield

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