DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/20.1.2359

Short communication

Changes in carcass composition of Black Slavonian pigs and their crossbreds with Duroc during growth

2019, 20 (1)   p. 43-49

Goran Kušec, Kristina Gvozdanović, Ivona Djurkin Kušec, Vladimir Margeta, Dalida Galović, Žarko Radišić


Present study was carried out on 32 pure Black Slavonian (BS) pigs and 32 crossbreds of Black Slavonian and Duroc (BSxDu); number of barrows and gilts was equal in both groups. Every three months, 4 barrows and 4 gilts from both groups were slaughtered for the analysis of tissue and primal parts development in the series of subsequent dissection trials covering a total fattening period of 12 months. The results showed that crossing the BS pigs with Duroc resulted in significant increase in the development of main tissues and primal parts. Significantly higher live weight, carcass weight and lean meat percentage was reported in BS pigs compared to BSxDu pigs (P<0.001). The exception was lean meat percentage determined at the age of 3 months (P>0.05). BSxDu pigs entered the experiment at significantly higher live weight (P<0.05) than BS pigs; this relationship continued during entire growth period. Muscle and fatty tissues followed the similar patterns of growth. Muscle tissue was produced in higher amounts than fat in case of BS pigs; in BSxDu pigs, fat overgrew muscle at the later stage of fattening. Although BS pigs exhibited lower formation of muscle tissue than BSxDu, their carcasses were significantly leaner.


carcass traits, crossbreeding, growth, local pig breed


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