Original scientific paper

Significance of periurban landscapes for the visual quality of the city of Zagreb

2019, 20 (4)   p. 1224-1247

Petra Pereković, Monika Kamenečki


This paper explored the role of periurban landscapes in forming visual qualities of urban area landscapes. Examination of a large scale view was made, which is significant for city physiognomy, that in the example of the city of Zagreb implies visual connections of central, lowland part of city and the mountain mass of Medvednica as most visually exposed spatial element. For purpose of determination and evaluation of views, field research and multi-criteria analysis was made. The work involved recognition, mapping, grading and view valorization according to given indicators of visual quality. Total length of 128 km of major pedestrian routes and junction of the City was examined and 241 views were singled out from pedestrian perspective. Research results show that panoramic views, in which Medvednica is fully perceived are mainly related to peripheral parts of city and river corridor, where periurban landscape type is predominant. Periurban landscapes represent 18,7% of recorded views, of which dominate semi-natural, agricultural and periurban mixed type. Periurban landscapes bear a large part of Zagreb's panoramic views of Medvednica as well as a third of the views that are estimated as views with outstanding visual quality.


panoramic views, periurban landscape, visual quality

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