Original scientific paper

The influence of herb addition to broilers` diet on production results and meat chemical composition

2019, 20 (4)   p. 1055-1062

Joanna Marć-Pieńkowska, Zbigniew Podkówka, Sylwester Borowski


The evaluation of herbs introduction to broiler chickens diet was this experiment`s purpose, to improve production effects gained by the poultry and the chemical composition of the final product. The investigation took on 144 twoweek-old broiler chicks, divided into 2 groups, 72 in each. First group was fed full portioned commercial feed without the herbal mix (the control group) and the second (the experimental group) received feed mix enriched by 2.5% dried herb mix. During the experiment the amount of feed consumed by the birds was registered and the body mass of the chickens was determined at the beginning and at the end of the experiment. Thus, obtained information served to determine FCR and EEI. On the last day of the study from each of the groups, were selected 30 birds, they were not fed for 12 hours, then slaughtered and gutted. Obtained carcasses were sectioned. On the sampled breast muscle portions, a chemical composition of the meat has been performed. The results were statistically analyzed. The effect of the herb’s addition on the FCR was noted. The FCR was 12.5% lower in birds fed the herb enriched diet in comparing with the birds fed without the herbs added. The influence of the differentiated diet on the chemical composition of the meat was not noted however.


broiler chickens, chemical composition of meat, herbs, production results

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