Original scientific paper

Effect of the glutenin genes on quality parameters in common wheat

2020, 21 (1)   p. 62-76

Mustafa Bayram, Kayıhan Korkut


Association of glutenin alleles with bread quality has long been known and identification of glutenin alleles may be very informarmative for the quality of the breeder’s material. In this study, 64 wheat genotypes were evaluated for high and low molecular weight glutenin alleles (Glu-1 and Glu-3) and some quality parameters. Of the identified glutenin alleles, eleven were at the Glu-1 loci and 15 were at the Glu-3 loci. Highly significant (P<0.001) differences were found among the genotypes for all quality parameters. Associations of glutenin alleles with the quality parameters were also found significant. The positive effective glutenin alleles of Glu loci on quality traits were 1 at Glu-A1, 13+16, 17+18 and 7+8 at Glu-B1 and 5+10 at Glu-D1, and A3d, A3e, A3f and A3b at GluA3, B3a, B3b and B3g at Glu-B3 and D3a at Glu-D3. The negative effective glutenin alleles of Glu loci on quality traits were null allele at Glu-A1, 7, 7+9 and 14+15 at Glu-B1, 2+12 at Glu-D1 loci, and A3a, A3c at Glu-A3, B3f, B3c at Glu-B3 and D3c at Glu-D3.


bread wheat, glutenin alleles, marker-assisted selection, plant breeding

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