Original scientific paper

Nutritional usability of thermal treated white and brown bread in broiler feed

2019, 20 (3)   p. 788-795

Tajana Krička, Zlatko Janječić, Nikola Bilandžija, Dalibor Bedeković, Neven Voća, Ana Matin, Vanja Jurišić, Mateja Grubor


In order to facilitate the broilers feed mixture production, it is tends to replace corn component, with a new, cheaper but high quality component. As an alternative, it is possible to use the old bread, which would enable its remediation. Its use in broiler feeding is possible only after thermal treatment. Following this work will include the possibilities of using 5 and 10% of the old white and brown bread share in broilers feed mixture after thermal processing by extrusion. Feeding with both types of old extruded bread proved to be satisfying and did not affect on broilers performance so generaly dried bread can be used in chicken feed by as a partial replacement for maize component. Although both breads have proved good feeding quallity, slightly better results were obtained in feeding with 10% share of brown bread.


broilers, extruding, nutritional value, old bread

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