Original scientific paper

The comparison of quality characteristics of Pekin duck and Cherry Valley duck eggs from free-range raising system

2019, 20 (4)   p. 1099-1110

Ante Galić, Dubravko Filipović, Stjepan Pliestić, Zlatko Janječić, Dalibor Bedeković, Igor Kovačev, Krešimir Čopec, Zlatko Koronc


The aim of this study was to compare physical, morphological and mechanical characteristics of eggs collected from two duck breeds (Pekin duck and Cherry Valley duck). A total sample of 120 eggs (60 eggs of each duck breed) was collected from one-year-old free range raised ducks. The Cherry Valley duck eggs were significantly heavier (94.23 vs. 71.91 g) than Pekin ducks (P<0.01), had larger dimensions and higher shape index (73.80 vs. 70.16). There was no statistical difference between egg specific gravity. According to egg components proportion, the Cherry Valley duck eggs had higher percentage of albumen, while the Peking duck eggs had higher percentages of yolk and shell. The Pekin duck eggs had significantly higher yolk to albumen ratio and Haugh unit value (P<0.01). The average force required to rupture Cherry Valley duck eggs in all three axes (50.32 N) was significantly higher (P<0.01) than average force required to rupture Pekin duck eggs (42.64 N). The highest egg rupture force at both duck breeds tested in this study was determined in loading along the X-front axis, while the least resistance to rupture force was determined along the Z-axis.


duck breed, egg quality, egg weight, components proportion, shell strength

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