Original scientific paper

Influence of international and domestic context on Croatian agricultural policy outputs

2019, 20 (4)   p. 1275-1291

Tihana Kovačićek, Zdravko Petak, Ornella Mikuš


The paper analyses the key events of the international and domestic context of the Croatian agricultural policymaking process in the period from 1995 to 2013. By mapping the key events and outputs of the policy set out in the development documents of the Croatian agriculture, it was determined that the domestic context influences 51% policy outputs. By analysing the content of 71 scientific papers, 84 recommendations are outlined. Comparative analysis of recommendations and policy outputs revealed that 52% of policy outcomes contains recommendations of scientific community. Research has shown that policy-making in the 1995- 2013 period is influenced by the domestic context and that Croatian agricultural policy is evidence-based because more than 50% of the recommendations of the scientific community is considered. This is the first research that analyses the impact of the international and domestic context on policy making.


Croatian agricultural policy, policy outputs, strategic documents of Croatian agriculture

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