Original scientific paper

Agroecological conditions of industrial hemp production in the western Pannonian agricultural subregion and fatty acids composition of hemp seed oil

2019, 20 (3)   p. 809-822

Mario Sraka, Dubravka Škevin, Marko Obranović, Jasminka Butorac, Ivan Magdić


Hemp is cultivated worldwide and it is adapted to a wide range of agroecological conditions. However, the yield level and the hemp seed oil quality depend on their variability, as well as on cultivars and agrotechnical cultivation measures. The objective of this study was determined climatic and pedological conditions of industrial hemp production, cultivar Fedora 17, on two family farms in the area of the western Pannonian agricultural subregion, which occupies about 18.5% of the total area of the Republic of Croatia where 555.198 ha agricultural land is located. It was determined the composition of fatty acids in the hemp seed oil grown during the investigation years 2016 and 2017. Pedological conditions were determined by standard field and laboratory methods, climatic features based on 30-yr analysis (1986-2015) of climatic data while the composition of fatty acid in hemp seed oil is determined by gas chromatography after seeds cold pressing. Results indicate a great heterogeneity of the pedological conditions at the investigated locations, while climatic conditions during the hemp vegetation differed significantly only in average air temperatures. The heterogeneity of the agroecological conditions, primarily pedophysical characteristics, influenced on hemp seed yield which depending on the location and year in which the study was conducted ranged from 350-1200 kg*ha-1, but not infuenced on fatty acids composition in the oil that was of satisfactory quality at both locations and in both years of investigations.


climate, fatty acids composition, hemp, soil

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