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Changes in seed yield and quality resulting from lodging in Italian ryegrass crop

2020, 21 (1)   p. 51-55

Zlatko Svečnjak, Dario Jareš, Martina Kovačević, Klara Barić, Tomislav Ivanušić, Dubravko Maćešić, Dubravka Dujmović Purgar


Rainfall accompanied with winds favour lodging of Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.). Thus, the main objective was to determine the changes in seed yield and quality resulting from lodging of Italian ryegrass crop grown under various nitrogen (N) fertilization rates. Nitrogen fertilization consistently increased lodging score and seed moisture content at harvest. The onset of considerable lodging (>50%) was observed before crop heading at the highest N fertilization, while delayed lodging occurred at lower N fertilization rates. Seed yield decreased at the highest N rate. In spite of increased lodging score, the 1000-seed weight tended to increase with higher N fertilization rates, which was not found for seed germination.


1000-seed weight, moisture content, nitrogen, seed germination

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