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Postharvest quality of 'Granny Smith' apple grown under photo-selective red net

2020, 21 (1)   p. 124-128

Marko Vuković, Josip Buhin, Mia Brkljača, Mushtaque Jatoi, Tomislav Jemrić


The present study was conducted with aim to test the effect of red photo-selective nets (Agritech S.r.l., Eboly, Italy) on 'Granny Smith' apple postharvest quality. The fruits have been harvested on optimal harvest date from orchard near city of Zadar where red photo-selective nets were used. Afterwards fruits were stored in regular air storage at 0°C for 4 months and then kept for 7 days at room temperature (shelf life). After harvest, cold storage and shelf life fruits grown under red net had significantly lower total soluble solid (SSC) content. After cold storage, superficial scald index and share of fruits with strong and very strong superficial scald severity were significantly higher in fruits grown under red net while for share of fruits with low superficial scald severity situation was opposite. After shelf life, fruits grown under red net had significantly higher titratable acidity (TA), but lower weight loss and SSC/TA ratio. It can be concluded that, due to greater susceptibility to superficial scald, prevention measures (optimal harvest time, 1-MCP and CA storage) should be applied when red photo-selective net is used on superficial scald-susceptible apple varieties.


apple, fruit quality, photo-selective nets, postharvest, superficial scald

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