Original scientific paper

Industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) as a possible source of cannabidiol

2021, 22 (1)   p. 110-118

Jana Pexová Kalinová, Naděžda VRCHOTOVÁ, Jan TŘÍSKA, Šárka HELLEROVÁ


(-)-Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid, which has unique pharmacological and biological activities.The aim of this study was to determine the CBD, cannabidiolic (CBDA), and canabigerolic acids (CBGA) content in parts of industrial hemp that are possible waste material in the production of hemp fiber, and could be used for CBD extraction. Two hemp varieties were sampled at the full-flowering stage, and at the ripening stage. The lyophilised material (leaves, roots, stems, and inflorescences/seeds) was extracted with ethylacetate and analyzed by HPLC. Hemp inflorescences and leaves are the most important source of CBD. CBDA and CBGA are the dominant compounds in these plant parts. They are the precursors of CBD. The CBD level is dependent on the variety and the environmental conditions. Dry cool weather with lower solar intensity increased the CBD level in 'Bialobrzeskie' - a monoecious variety potentially suitable as a material for CBD extraction with heat decarboxylation due to the high CBDA, CBGA, and CBD levels in the leaves and inflorescences.


cannabinoid, variety, inflorescence, cannabidiolic acid, canabigerolic acid, leaf, HPLC

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