Original scientific paper

Morphological diversity and relationships of Scardinius dergle and Scardinius plotizza populations (Actinopteri; Cypriniformes) from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

2021, 22 (4)   p. 713-734

Marija Sabolić, Ivana BUJ, Marko ĆALETA ĆALETA, Zoran MARČIĆ


Genus Scardinius (Cypriniformes, Actinopteri) belongs to the family Leuciscidae, subfamily Leuciscinae, and it includes 10 species. Phylogenetic and morphometric research conducted so far have shown a great taxonomic complexity within this genus. Therefore, the aim of this research was to determine the morphological diversity and contribute to the clarification of taxonomic relationships and status of S. dergle and S. plotizza. For the purpose of this research specimens of S. dergle and S. plotizza were collected from their whole distribution area in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. On each individual 25 morphometric characters were measured, standardized with allometric conversion and analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results showed significant intra- and interspecific differences in investigated morphometric characters. In addition, distinct grouping of populations of each species and partial overlapping of some populations of both species was recorded, reflecting their possible relationships. Also, investigated meristic characters showed accordance with deterministic values for most investigated populations. Although this research has given indications of relationships and the status of populations of S. dergle and S. plotizza, in order to confirm the results and determine the exact taxonomic status, phylogenetic relationships and genetic diversity of these species, further phylogenetic research is needed.


genus Scardinius, morphology, whole distribution area, endemic species

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