Original scientific paper

Nutritional quality of hemp seeds (Cannabis sativa L.) in different environments

2021, 22 (4)   p. 748-761

Andrea Lančaričová, Barbora Kuzmiaková, Pavol Porvaz, Michaela Havrlentová, Peter Nemeček, Ján Kraic


Hemp seed (Cannabis sativa L.) is rich in many substances beneficial in human nutrition, especially proteins, lipids, and total dietary fibre. Contents of these primary metabolites were analysed in seeds of hemp cultivar Finola grown at three locations in Slovakia (Borovce, Vígľaš-Pstruša, Milhostov) within two years (2013, 2014). The average content of total dietary fibre was 36.10 ± 1.92%, lipids 32.05 ± 0.42%, and proteins 24.66 ± 0.55%. The main fatty acids in oil were linoleic, α-linolenic, and oleic acids. About 75% of all fatty acids were polyunsaturated ones. The content of lipids and fatty acids such as γ-linolenic, stearidonic, linoleic, α-linolenic, oleic, cis-vaccenic, stearic, and gadoleic acids, as well as total dietary fibre were significantly affected (P≤0.05) by the year of cultivation. Content of proteins, gadoleic and arachidonic acids were significantly (P≤0.05) influenced by maturity of seeds. The growing location significantly influenced the content of lipids, total dietary fibre, proteins, fatty acids, and the ratio saturated:polyunsaturated fatty acids.


hemp, seed quality, environment, proteins, dietary fibre, lipids, fatty acids

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