Original scientific paper

Sanitary selection of sour cherry cv. Marasca (Prunus cerasus cv. Marasca) in Croatian largest plantation “Vlačine”

2021, 22 (4)   p. 777-786

Josip Ražov, Silvio Šimon, Ivana Križanac, Darko Vončina


Sour cherry cv. Marasca is considered a native Croatian variety with the best fruit quality in the Northern Dalmatia region. The current production is not sufficient to cover the demand, therefore new orchards should be established with pathogen-tested planting material. To select virus- and bacteria-free mother trees, a survey was conducted in the largest Croatian Marasca plantation "Vlačine". ELISA on 205 trees (51 elite, 103 average, 51 below average) confirmed the presence of prunus necrotic ringspot virus (PNRSV) on 101 trees (49.3%); petunia asteroid mosaic virus (PeAMV) and prune dwarf virus (PDV) on 10 trees each (4.9%); raspberry ringspot virus (RpRSV) on 7 trees (3.4%); cherry leafroll virus (CLRV), arabis mosaic virus (ArMV) and plum pox virus (PPV) on 3 trees each (1.5%); and apple mosaic virus (ApMV) on 1 tree (0.5%). For PNRSV, significant ELISA detection sensitivity was found, with twigs in dormant period as more reliable virus source compared to leaves during the growing season. In addition, six trees were positive on little cherry virus 2 (LChV-2) by RT-PCR. Along with very frequent latent infections, following symptoms were observed during pre-harvest period: yellow spots on leaves (ApMV); yellowing, stunted growth, leafless twigs with leaves only at the tip (PDV), bark splitting (PeAMV), reduced leaf size (RpRSV), chlorotic/necrotic ring spots (PNRSV), and uneven fruit ripening (LChV-2). Eleven trees were free of all viruses and bacteria defined by EPPO cherry certification scheme, including PPV. The selected virus- and bacteria-free elite trees represent a valuable genetic source for propagation and further clonal selection.


ELISA, RT-PCR, symptoms, viruses, bacteria

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