Original scientific paper

Prefer local over organic? Dilemma of Czech organic consumers within social discourse on Organic 3.0

2022, 23 (1)   p. 192-206

Jan Urban, Jakub Husák


This paper presents a qualitative study on the organic discourse from the perspectives of consumers in the Czech Republic. The main aim of the paper is to identify partial discourses among consumers in the Czech Republic within the framework of a communication “concourse” on organic farming as one of the sustainable initiatives within the context of the Organic 3.0 concept. The paper is based on Q methodology with 44 final statements which represent current respondents’ discourses (perspectives) on the organic sector. Results reveal that Czech organic consumers could be divided into 3 specific groups – “Convinced organic globalists”, “Modest organic localists” and “Convinced organic rationalists”. The first group of consumers is convinced of the importance of organic farming at a global level and they emphasise the global economic importance of organic farming. The second group are protagonists of organic farming, despite seeing its shortcomings. In the terms of preferences, they rather prefer local food with regard to sustainability than organic food. The third group is characterised by a rationally economic view of organic farming. They see the barrier to further expansion of organic farming in economic factors, such as the price of organic food. The identified barriers of economic rationality and competition of local production are challenges to the future development of the organic sector and its position among other sustainable initiatives. The results also provide better insights into Czech organic consumers’ discourse and their perception of the Organic 3.0 concept.


consumers, local products, Q method, organic 3.0 discourse, organic farming, sustainable agriculture

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