Review article

Digital management of technological processes in cattle farms: a review

2022, 23 (3)   p. 486-495

Nikolay Markov, Svetoslava Stoycheva, Miroslav Hristov, Lora Mondeshka


The article evaluates the development of the Internet of Things (I₀T), digital technologies, various types of biological and biometric sensors and blockchain technologies in dairy and beef cattle breeding. The peculiarities, tendencies and perspectives for digital transformation and digitalization of the cattle farms and complexes have been studied. Precise technologies (PFL) make it possible to collect a sufficient cloud of data in accordance with the physiological and technological requirements of the various categories of animals of the species Bos taurus and the welfare of cattle. Biological and biometric sensors help farmers to increase the quantity and improve the quality of their products. Blockchain technologies present cattle breeding in detail, as transparent, stable and predictable in the eyes of the consumer. Cattle breeding is a sub-sector of animal husbandry in which there is no integration, but flexible digital management is applied.


digitalization, technology, sensors, cattle, biometrics

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