Original scientific paper

Physiological and growth responses of grapevine rootstocks (Vitis spp.) to organic and synthetic mulch application in arid ecology under the effect of climate change

2022, 23 (3)   p. 655-664

Haci ZENGIN, Ali Sabir


Agricultural applications in food production have great significance in alleviating the adverse influences of environmental stressors on grapevines. In this context, mulch applications are known as environment-friendly sustainable implementations for efficiently benefiting from limited water sources. Moreover, mulches have many other beneficial effects such as quality assurance, yield improvement, ripening modulation, soil amelioration, erosion prevention and weed control. Therefore the present investigations were performed in an arid ecological condition to reveal the effects of easily available organic mulch (straw) and synthetic mulch (plastic ground covering) on physiology and growth features of worldwide popular grapevine rootstocks (41 B, 99 R 44-53 M and Rupestris du Lot). Saplings of each rootstock variety were transplanted to experimental vineyard at the end of the winter season with the spacing of 1.5 x 3.0 m within and between the rows. Mulch applications were carried out at the transplanting date. Mulch applications provided significant water retention with the higher effect of organic mulch in the soil. Stomatal conductance, leaf temperature and chlorophyll content were generally increased due to mulching. They also significantly improved the leaf and shoot growth of the rootstocks in many cases. Finally, both two mulch applications could be recommended as modern techniques in viticulture to prevent the agricultural water loss and support the plant growth. However, the organic mulch could be employed for organic and/or sustainable grape production or areas where the straw is easily available as residues of animal production.


grapevine, sustainable viticulture, mulch application, straw

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