Original scientific paper

Attractive response of sterile Mediterranean fruit fly males to olive fruits in laboratory conditions

2022, 23 (3)   p. 592-603

Mario Bjeliš


Sterile insect technique (SIT) control method is integrated in many ongoing area-wide programs for Ceratitis capitata W. control management who largely depends on the sterile male competitiveness. The use of semiochemical supplements originated from host and non-host plant materials to better manage the physical conditions and handling of sterile C. capitata males in fly emergence and release facilities improve the cost-effectiveness of the SIT worldwide. Since C. capitata adults are regularly captured in groves of nonhost olive, Olea europaea L. in the Mediterranean region, the aims of this research were to asses: (1) attraction of sterile males by olive fruit of different maturity stages; (2) attraction to olive fruits surface (egzocarp) and mesocarp and (3) attraction to three different olive cultivars. The results provide clear evidence that sterile males show strong attraction to volatile compounds from the surface and mesocarp of immature and semi matured olive fruits with no significant difference between fruits treated and nontreated with artificial cuts in mesocarp. The response of sterile C. capitata males to fully matured fruits were significantly the weakest. Sexually mature sterile males were attracted to green immature olive fruits stronger than sexually immature sterile males, while both categories showed strong attraction to semi matured olive fruits without significant difference between both categories.


attraction, α-copaene, Ceratitis capitata, Olea europaea, sterile males

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