Original scientific paper

Allergen coding genes and miRNA-based DNA fingerprints in revealing differences among Vaccinium corymbosum L. and Vaccinium myrtillus L.

2023, 24 (3)   p. 749-760

Jana Žiarovská, Katarína Ražná, Lucia Urbanová, Lucia Klongová, Adam Kováčik, Matúš Kučka, Ľubomír Harenčár, Lucia Zeleňáková


DNA-based marker fingerprinting techniques are developed with the aim of their effective use in the identification or comparative studies of plant genomes. In the genus Vaccinium, DNA markers help resolve taxonomic relationships among the species included in it. In this study, the allergen coding genes and micro RNAs were used as DNA markers and applied for the characterization of the fingerprints of Vaccinium corymbosum L. and Vaccinium myrtilus L. Both techniques were found to be effective in distinguishing the analysed Vaccinium accessions and in the generating of polymorphism and in the case of Bet v 1 Based Amplicon Polymorphism and Profilin Based Amplicon Polymorphism, separated fingerprints were obtained for Vaccinium myrtilus L.


blueberries, allergen homologs DNA profiling, miRNA markers

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