2000, 1 (1)   p. 9-13

Tomislav Treer, Roman Safner, Ivica Aničić


The significant economical and political changes that affected Croatia in last decade influenced the approach of small family farmers to fisheries as well. Most of them started that job without any knowledge and experience. That is why 13 farmers were interviewed in order to get the data about their farms, families and problems they face. The average farm has about 1 ha pond area, 4 family members and income connected with fisheries about 70% of total income. The owner is an artisan in his forties who sells about three tons of fish per year primarily through restaurant and sport fishing, as in present situation on the fish market it became obvious that persisting only on fish culture is the most difficult way to earn money. In building the ponds the rules of landscape architecture should be respected together with those of fishery science. It would be necessary to offer the farmers better conditions in bank loans to start their business as well as to reduce many taxes, which they have to pay. The Croatian Agricultural Extension Service should be organized better to serve those farmers.


family, fish farm, croatia, sport fishing

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