2007, 8 (4)   p. 413-418

Nanko Popov, Apostolos Dzimotudis


The effect of two substances with regulatory effect – RENI and RENI A on the quality and productivity of peas were studied. The experimental work was carried out in 2005-2006 on the territory of the town of Alexandroupolis, Greece. Wrinkled-seed garden peas of Vyatovo cultivar was an object of the study. The experiment was set by the plot method in four repetitions, the plot area being 6,4 m2. The plants were grown by the technology adopted for pea production. The experimental variants were the following: 1. Control; 2. Treated with RENI; 3. Treated with RENI A. Pre-sowing treatment with nitrogen at the rate of 3,3 kg/da, applied as ammonium nitrate and with phosphorus (P2O5) at the rate of 5 kg/da, applied as triple superphosphate was carried out. Treatment with RENI substances was conducted at the stage of bud formation and at the beginning of flowering. The applied rate of 200 ml/da was determined in our previous studies. It was found out that treatment with RENI had a positive effect on the dry matter accumulation and the carbohydrate exchange dynamics in peas of Vyatovo cultivar. Thus, the unfavourable environmental conditions could be compensated and a produce of better technological features and taste qualities could be obtained. Treatment with RENI brought about the improvement of the biological value of the proteins by increasing the total amount of the essential amino acids and changing the ratio between essential and total amino acids in favour of the essential ones. Treatment with RENI increased the molybdenum content in the pea grain and it is a prerequisite for replacing the presowing treatment with molybdenum chemicals.


garden peas, carbohydrate exchange dynamics, amino acids, quality, yield, reni., зелен грах, динамика на въглехидратния обмен, биологична стойност на белтъка, нитрогеназа


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