2009, 10 (4)   p. 427-431

Eva Mlyneková, Marko Halo, Andrej Holý, Emil Kovalčík, Michal Horný, Miroslav Hreus


The aim of study was to analyze gene reserve of Nonius breed, from a point of families´ used in breeding in Slovakia. In evaluation of separated families, the length of impact of family in breed, number of breeding mares in family to present, number of generations in family to present and the number of breeding mares inserted to gene reserve was measured. Also the basic body measurements and the results of exams of performance in families were evaluated. From our results it could be concluded that in Slovakia 14 families of breed Nonius are effective and 34 mares are inserted in breeding. The family 597 Nonius XVI - 15 has the best evaluation. From the results, we can state, that the level of this breed has increased in last 10 years. On the other hand, destroy of Nonius was warded off in Slovakia.


nonius, performance, body measurements


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