2010, 11 (3)   p. 255-263

Claudiu CICEA, Jonel Subić, Carmen TURLEA


Worldwide, the beginning of the millennium has been marked by an economic crisis of major proportions, with impacts in all areas of activity, comparable to that of 1929-1933 (some economists believe that the current crisis was much stronger than that of the previous century and only the ability to respond promptly minimizes the devastating effects). In this context, one of the main modality for an economic revitalization is to increase business efficiency and rational use of resources, particularly in those fields which were not directly related to the global economic crisis. Of these, the crucial place is occupied by agriculture, considered as one of the most important vectors of welfare and economic development. In the context of increasingly limited resources and constantly multiplication and diversification of the requests, efficiency evaluation issues in agriculture, especially for investment processes, is vital to overcome the current situation. The paper aims to analyze the efficiency of agriculture activities, focusing on the investment process. The authors present general indicators to assess the efficiency in agriculture, and specific indicators of investment. Finally, there is a concrete case study of the specific indicators implementation.


efficiency, investment, agriculture, effect

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