DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/12.1.903

Review article

Biodegradable packaging for storage of fruit and other horticultural products: materials, properties and its effect on fruit quality

2011, 12 (1)   p. 226-238

Iva Tokić, Goran Fruk, Tomislav Jermić


The role of packaging material is to preserve the nutritional and sensory properties of product, inform consumers about the nutritional values, facilitate storage and handling. Today, the development and commercial production of biodegradable packaging materials, other than paper, is focused on materials from other renewable sources of plant origin. Further development of biodegradable polymer market is dependent on securing a permanent, reliable and cheap sources of raw materials. In the battle for their share of the market, biopolymers enjoy strong support from policy and legislation, particularly in Europe. Attractive and efficient packaging contribute to the development of new products, provides an interesting presentation to consumers, lowers production costs, improves the food product and defines the specific ‘’brand’’.


packaging, biopolimers, biodegradability, storage


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