DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/12.2.918

Original scientific paper


2011, 12 (2)   p. 312-327

Andrej KOLENO, Jozef DAŇO, Ondrej Debreceni


The aim of this work was to evaluate the impact of selected indicators in suckler cows breeds, their model quantification and comparison of optimal (recommended) parameters with achieved real natural-economic results in the monitored file of farms (n=5) in 2009. The average annual total costs in the monitored farms in 2009 were € 769 (2.1 €.FD-1) per a suckler cow and the average total costs for rearing of heifer till to calving at € 1,362 per heifer. At the model natality of 65 calves, we estimated the total revenues for calves1000 (calves with the average daily weight gain 1,000 g.pc -1) at about € 29,700 and for calves781 (calves with the average daily weight gain 781 g. pc -1) € 24,024 (€ -5,676). For maximum model natality of 95 calves have been estimated revenues for calves1000 at about € 49,500 and for calves781 € 40,039 (€ -9,461). When the actually achieved natality in monitored farms is at average 78.98% (80%), we can estimate the average revenues for 60 realized calves1000 at € 39,600 and by the calves781 at € 32,031 (€ -7,569). Economic loss due to shortening the length of calves rearing for a month represents a decrease of potential revenues per a calf on average € 72 respectively € 56 (€ -16) per month reducing the length of calves rearing. For really achieved average daily weight gain of calves 781 g.pc-1, we can estimate the potential revenues per a weaned calf at € 534 respectively for average daily weight gain 1,300 g.pc-1, revenues approximately € 833 (€ -299). In terms of length of cow productive age, we estimated that if we reject cow after the third lactation, depreciation will be at € 246 per year (0.67 €.FD-1) respectively after eleven lactation at € 67 (0.18 €.FD-1) per year.


suckler cows, economic modeling, economic efficiency


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