DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/12.3.936

Original scientific paper

Contamination of potato tubers by heavy metals and their influence on the formation of phenolic substances

2011, 12 (3)   p. 433-444

Janette MUSILOVÁ, Judita Bystrická, Alena Vollmannová,, Silvia Melicháčová


Increased content of cadmium and lead in soil was manifested by their increased concentration in potato tubers in such range that contents were several times higher (Cd 0.106-0.357, Pb 0.318-0.483 FM) then the limit value. Increased content of zinc was not manifested by increased content in tubers of potatoes (Zn 4.939- 6.868 FM). Content of total phenolics (TP) in potato samples of Hontiansky and Banskoštiavnický region was in the range of 263.59-920.38 of dry material. Exceeded content of cadmium and lead in potato tubers had statistically significant effect on total phenol producing, but on the other hand relation between contents of Zn and TP in potato tubers was not statistically confirmed. Also positive correlation between TP and antioxidant activity contents was statistically confirmed.


potatoes, cadmium, lead, zinc, polyphenols, antioxidant activity


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