DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/12.4.976

Original scientific paper

The impact of growth rate on the results of growth and slaughter traits of young crossbred boars in Poland in Bydgoszcz Breeding Region

2011, 12 (4)   p. 691-708



There was analysed the impact of growth rate on the results of growth and slaughter traits of 3917 young crossbred boars performance tested in years 2004-2008 in Poland in The Bydgoszcz Breeding Region. They came from 8 following crossing variants, where sow’s breed was given in a first position and boar’s breed in a second position: Hampshire x Belgian Landrace (H x BL), Hampshire x Duroc (H x D), Hampshire x Pietrain (H x P), Duroc x Hampshire (D x H), Duroc x Pietrain (D x P), Pietrain x Hampshire (P x H), Pietrain x Duroc (P x D) and Line 990 x Pietrain (990 x P). The impact of growth rate on the results’ formation in the range of tested traits noted in different degrees. It was the most visible in the growth traits (age and body weight) and the performance test selection index and less visible in the slaughter traits, among which the most visible in case of the backfat thickness measured in P2 and P4 points and then in the meat content and the height of loin eye. In the analyzed years tested young crossbred boars of the high growth rate, i.e. of high daily gain of body weight standardized on the 180th day of life were younger and generally obtained higher body weight and higher performance test selection index and in the majority of cases, where the statistically significant differences were proved, had thinner backfat in the P2 and P4 points and had lower meat content and the higher height of loin eye as compared to the animals of low growth rate.


daily gain of body weight, backfat thickness, meat content, performance test selection index, young crossbred boars


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