Preliminary communication

Preliminary Studies on Genetic Diversity of Selected Polish Local Chicken Varieties

2013, 14 (1)   p. 11-22



The study was aimed at evaluation of the applicability of selected microsatellite markers in examining genetic diversity in five Polish local chicken varieties (two groups of native crested chickens, crestless native chickens from Subcarpathian region and two groups of native miniature chickens) and reveal their genetic relationships to five purebreds (Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, Sussex, Greenleg Partridge, Minorca). About 22.8% (overall FST = 0.228) of the genetic variation was explained by differences between breeds and varieties. The DA genetic distances between five Polish native varieties and five purebreds varied between 0.154 and 0.440. The results obtained in this study indicate the great value of the collection and suggest the need for formal protection of these local Polish chicken varieties.


genetic diversity, local chickens, microsatellite polymorphism

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