Original scientific paper

Evaluation of germination capacity and selected biometric parameters (length and dry weight of roots and coleoptile) of sunflower seeds (Helianthus annuus) after application of preparations containing effective microorganisms (EM)

2015, 16 (3)   p. 307-318

Tomasz SEKUTOWSKI, Katarzyna Marczewska-Kolasa, Marcin Bortniak, Krzysztof DOMARADZKI, Magdalena DZIĄGWA


Seed germination and early growth microbiotest PhytotoxkitTM was used in the experiment, which consisted of 3 independent laboratory experimental series with one month intervals each and 3 replications. The aim of this study was to evaluate germination dynamics and capacity as well as selected biometric parameters after seed treatment with two preparations containing effective microorganisms: EM Farma (EMF) and EM Farma Plus (EMFP). Sunflower seeds (H. annuus) were chosen as the experimental material. Seeds soaked in distilled water were control objects (K) in these experiment. Apart from control (K), reference material was prepared in the form of two biostimulants: Kelpak SL (KSL) and gibberellic acid (GA3). The effect of the two biopreparations EM Farma (EMF) and EM Farma Plus (EMFP) was beneficial related to germination capacity and biometric parameters of sunflower (H. annuus).


biometric parameters, effective microorganisms (em), germination dynamics and capacity, microbiotest phytotoxkittm, sunflower (h. annuus)

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