DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/18.1.1890

Original scientific paper

Nutritional value and physicochemical properties of red deer and wild boar meat after frozen storage under vacuum

2017, 18 (1)   p. 278-290



The objective of the present research was the comparison of physicochemical properties of red deer and wild boar meat frozen under vacuum for 60 days and then cold stored during 7 days. The research material included vacuum-packed, frozen and stored for 60 days skeletal muscles from shoulder (deboned retail cut) of red deer (n=9) and wild boar (n=9). Following thawing, muscles were removed from the packaging and then cold stored 7 days. Measurements of physicochemical properties as follow: pH and electrical conductivity (1, 2, 3 and 7 d), CIE L*a*b* colour characteristics, parameters of water holding capacity and shear force test (1 and 7 d) were determined. The proximate composition of meat (contents of moisture, ash, protein and fat), as well water:protein ratio, energy value and nutritional quality index (NQI) for protein and fat were calculated. Red deer meat showed significantly (P0.05) lower content of fat and higher NQI for protein compared to wild boar. Muscles of both species stored for 3 d following thawing displayed pH below 6.0, and similar colour characteristics. However, cold storage significantly (P0.05) influenced the increase of lightness (L*) and decrease of redness (a*). Venison stored up to 7 d following thawing indicated significantly (P0.05) lower water holding capacity (higher cooking loss and free water amount). Meat of wild boar was significantly (P0.05) tougher (higher shear force and shear energy) than red deer. Although, the improvement of tenderness for meat of both species during cold storage was not observed up to 7 d following thawing, the red deer meat should be considered “tender”, and wild boar “intermediate”. The assessment of the nutritional value and physicochemical properties of retail elements from frozen venison indicate their high quality, fulfilling criterions for fresh meat in culinary and processing purposes.


colour, proximate composition, shear force, venison, water holding capacity


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