Original scientific paper

Risk management of Dalmatian grape and wine producers facing climate change

2022, 23 (1)   p. 232-245

Tajana Čop, Mario Njavro


The aim of this paper is to examine the importance and application of risk management strategies among Dalmatian grape and wine producers who are faced with climate change. For research purposes, a questionnaire was used on a convenient sample of Dalmatian grape growers and wine producers (N=89). Descriptive statistics, t-test for independent sample, and one-way analysis of variance were used for the data analysis. The importance of risk management strategies was assessed on a five-point Likert scale, and results show that the most important strategies are change-the-harvest-date and irrigation strategies, while cessation of agricultural production is not an option for most producers. The level of education and agricultural area under vineyards had no influence on the importance of the strategies, while gender, age groups of respondents, and type of production had an influence on the importance of several risk management strategies.


climate change, grape growers, wine producers, strategies, risk management

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