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Effect of inoculation with diazotrophs and treatment with solution of trace elements obtained by nanotechnology on wheat

2024, 25 (1)   p. 110-119



Currently, the importance of using new biotechnologies in crop cultivation, in particular the introduction of microbial inoculants and products obtained by nanotechnology, is increasing. However, the peculiarities of the interaction of microorganisms with plants when using such products have not been studied enough. The work aimed to study the effects of seed inoculation with a complex of rhizospheric diazotrophs (CRD) and treatment with a trace elements solution (TES) obtained by nanotechnology on CO2 net assimilation (An) and yield of winter wheat. Plants were grown in a pot experiment with the following treatments: 1 – control; 2 – seeds inoculation with diazotrophs (CRD); 3 – seeds treatment with trace element solution (TES); 4 – seeds treatment with CRD + TES seeds treatment; 5 – TES plants treatment at the heading stage; 6 – CRD seeds inoculation + TES plants treatment at the heading stage. The obtained results showed that the nitrogenase activity in the wheat plants' rhizosphere under CRD inoculation was significantly higher by 25% on average compared to the control and treatments with only TES. For all treatments, An at ripening stage exceeded the control level by 18–34%, and the plant grain productivity – by 17–27%. Significant correlations (r = 0.86–0.90) were found between the An at the ripening stage and the grain weight from the whole plant. It was concluded that the optimal combination was CRD seeds inoculation + TES seeds treatment, where the highest main shoot and the whole plant grain productivity were observed. The seed treatment with the trace element solution was more effective in increasing the main shoot productivity, while the treatment at the heading stage was more effective for the whole plant's productivity.


Triticum aestivum L., associative nitrogen fixation, CO2 assimilation, transpiration, productivity

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