Original scientific paper

Effect of agroecological factors of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris provar. altissima Doell.) cultivation in interaction with different genotypes and stimulating substances

2024, 25 (1)   p. 163-170

Tomáš Vician, Dávid Ernst, Ivan Černý, Alexandra Zapletalová


A small-plot field experiment with sugar beet (Beta vulgaris provar. altissima Doell.) was focused on the monitoring of year weather conditions, selected genotypes and stimulating substances on the formation of quantitative and qualitative parameters. The experiment was carried out in the Center for Plant Biology and Ecology in Nitra during the years 2021 – 2022. The area is located at an altitude of 170 – 175 m above sea level in a corn production area with warm and dry climatic characteristics. The results of the experiment confirmed a statistically proven effect of the year conditions (P < 0.01) on the formation of quantitative and qualitative production parameters. In the range of monitored factors, agro-ecological conditions were more favourable in 2021, when a statistically higher root yield of 68.99 t/ha (+9.68 t/ha; rel. 16.32%) also sugar content of 16.75% (+0.68%; rel. 4.21%) were recorded. The statistical analysis confirmed a highly significant relationship (P < 0.01) between selected varieties and quantitative or qualitative production parameters. In the range of monitored genotypes, the highest root yield was recorded by Darvas 65.83 t/ha (+1.68 t/ha; rel. 2.62%) and the highest sugar content was indicated by Okapi 16.59% (+0.18%; rel. 1.11%). Implementation of stimulating substances with adaptogens positively affects the yield and sugar content of sugar beet. Stimulating preparations statistically affect (P < 0.01) the formation of monitored production parameters. The highest root yield of 67.40 t/ha (+7.56 t/ha; rel. 12.64%) and sugar content of 16.58% (+0.47%; rel. 2,91%) was indicated by variant 2 (Energeen Cleanstorm).


biostimulants, sugar content, varieties, weather conditions, yield of root

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